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Neuherbs Wild Tulsi Drops – Panch Tulsi Drops for Natural Immunity Boosting & Cough and cold Relief


Power of Five- ​Shield of five kinds of Pure Wild Tulsi Extract to build a stronger & protected you.
Goodness of Ayurveda- ​Made from the Purity of Ayurveda for those who like to keep it natural.
Overall Well-Being- ​Boosts immunity, soothes digestive & respiratory health, and improves vitality by using Neuherbs Wild Tulsi Drops.
Assured Quality- ​No added sugar, salt, preservatives, flavour, colour and tested for heavy metals.
Boosted Results-​ Connect with Neuherbs experts for guidance to achieve your fitness goals.

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Tulsi – ‘The Queen of Herbs’ ​is a popular sacred plant of India and a revered elixir in Ayurveda. Full of healthy active compounds and being rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic properties, tulsi leaves are considered to be a potent medicinal herb, protective against day to day illnesses and infections and assist you in dealing with daily stress, promoting general wellness and longevity. Considering the goodness of Tulsi leaves, Neuherbs is here with Wild Tulsi Drops with the protection of 5 types of pure wild tulsi, say- Vishnu Tulsi, Shweta Tulsi, Kapuri Tulsi, Ram Tulsi and Van Tulsi. This wild tulsi liquid extract helps boost immunity and improves immune response against viral infections, protects body against toxic heavy metals, its anti-stress property helps reduce stress and anxiety, and is helpful to avoid and protect against seasonal cold & cough while maintaining respiratory health. It may also help in improving digestive health by soothing gut discomfort, reducing acid secretion, and helps remove toxins from the body while purifying the blood and protects you against the hurdles in the way of overall wellness. Taking care of the safety of consumers, Neuherbs Wild Tulsi Drops have been microbiologically and heavy metals tested. As we believe in Purity and Safety,
we have made sure that it does not contain added sugar, salt, and is free from preservatives, artificial colour and flavour to keep its purity intact. #PanchTulsiKiShakti

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