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Neuherbs Sunflower Seeds – 200 gm

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  • Manages Cholesterol
  • Improves Mood
  • Improves Digestion
  • Manages Inflammation


Premium Quality


Pure & Natural


High nutritional value

Our seeds your delight
Neuherbs brought to you Cholesterol free, Sodium free, Gluten-free Sunflower seeds, which are known for their numerous health benefits. With their countless beneficial nutrients, these seeds are useful to support your heart, bones and beauty needs. Sunflower seeds can be easily incorporated into any food preparation to improve its nutritional quality and to provide a crunchy taste!

Neuherbs – A name that not only knows purity but also believes in providing a clean bill of health to its customer because we believe in working together to make a healthy family. “A fit, healthy body- is the best fashion statement”, therefore to promote your health and true wellness. Neuherbs has brought Sunflower seeds that are raw & natural without added Chemicals & with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification. Neuherbs Experts provide free counseling to make you Fit as a fiddle by guiding you not only with the product but also provide you guidance over diet by analyzing your body’s current statistics and needs.

Certified Quality – Neuherbs Sunflower seeds are Raw, Unroasted & Deshelled seeds.
Packed with Nutrition- Sunflower seeds have been associated with several health benefits as eating a small amount of them can provide you with a substantial quantity of essential Fatty Acids, Protein, Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, and Vitamin E.
Feel Fuller – A duo of fiber and protein that helps in keeping you satisfied all day long by curbing hunger pangs and cravings, making it suitable for all diets!
Versatile Kitchen Staple– Sunflower seeds add a pleasant nutty flavor to your favorite meal &improvise the nutritional quality with its various health advantages.
Better You – To achieve your fitness goals easily, Neuherbs provide you with free diet recipes.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Packaging date is mentioned at the back of the product. These seeds are best before 9 months from the date of packaging.
  2. A No, these seeds are already deshelled and are ready to eat.
  3. A No, they taste natural without the addition of artificial flavor.
  4. A Yes, you can roast them if you want to enhance its nutty and crunchy flavor.

“One size cannot fit all”

This is especially true for the body weight. Everyone is so uniquely crafted by nature that a certain schedule needs to be blended in their lifestyle to make it work. Thus, our Products & Wellness Program are designed in consultation with our experts in a way so as to naturally fit in your lifestyle.


We focus on using good quality ingredients that are extracted from nature.


We believe in crafting products with innovation.


Our product is free from harmful Chemicals, Additives & Preservatives.

– You can add Sunflower seeds to omelets, different curries, dry & mixed vegetables, breakfast cereals, poha, dosa, idli, home-made chutneys and many more.
– Roasted Sunflower seeds can be eaten as a healthy snack.
– Ground Sunflower seeds can be added into cakes, muffins and bread batters during preparation.
– Ground Sunflowers seeds can be easily sprinkled over salads, pasta, hot or cold beverages, and other food preparations.