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Neuherbs Classic Peanut Butter


Protein Punch- Goodness of real peanut protein for extra nutrition punch to muscles & healthy weight.
Power of Omega-3- With added benefits of natural omega-3 (ALA) from flaxseeds for a nutritional boost.
High in Unsaturated Fat- Richness of PUFA & MUFA for a healthy heart, brain & overall wellness.
Crunchy Munchy- A tempting & healthier crunch of nutty & tasty peanuts that makes meals delicious.
More Health Zero Worries- Zero Trans fat, Zero Cholesterol with High Fiber, and only good peanuts.

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Neuherbs has brought to you Classic Peanut Butter that offers you an experience of the more crunchy, tasty, and nutty delight of the finest quality roasted peanuts. To make these peanuts extraordinarily nutritious, it has been put together with the added power of omega -3 (ALA) from roasted flax seeds. This delightful combination will soothe your taste buds and will take your love for your favorite peanut spread to a whole new level of nutrition and taste. Peanuts are not only tasty but are enriched with the goodness of protein, fiber along with healthy fats that can help you in achieving your fitness goals while doing workouts, running late for daily work, or feeding your cravings for something tastier yet healthier.

So, give your taste buds the tempting flavor of peanut butter without worrying about unhealthy fats, as this Neuherbs Classic Peanut Butter contains zero trans fat & zero cholesterol, and contains no artificial color or flavor, and is naturally gluten-free.
Have a Healthy & Delightful Snacking!

  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Sugar
  • Stabilizer (Mono & Diglycerides)
  • Roasted Flax seeds
  • Salt
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