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Neuherbs Haldi+ Drop & Tulsi Drop Immunity Booster Drops Combo – Daily Immunity Boosting Combo With A Blend Of Ayurvedic Herbs : 30 Ml Each

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INSPIRED BY NATURE- The duo of pure & wild Tulsi & Haldi extracts for ultimate immune protection.
GOODNESS OF AYURVEDIC HERBS- Haldi extracts with added Ayurvedic herbs for your extra immune care.
HEALTH BOOSTERS- Shield of powerful Tulsi & haldi to strengthen immunity & improve overall vitality.
ASSURITY OF PURITY- With no added harmful additives and lab tested for complete health safety.
BOOSTED RESULTS- Connect with Neuherbs experts for guidance to achieve your fitness goals.


Full of healthy herbal ingredients and the goodness of Ayurveda, Neuherbs has brought to you an amazing immune combo of two wonderful potent herbs- Wild Tulsi Drops and Triple Haldi + Drops, i.e., 100 % Ayurvedic. It has been made to boost immunity to the next level in an easier and convenient way so that you won’t be dealing with those adulterated haldi powders and not so time-consuming juices. It is an easy-to-carry pocket-friendly immune partner. Which have pure and wild five types of tulsi- Vishnu, Shweta, Kapuri, Ram and Van tulsi, and the three kinds of haldi extracts- Haldi concentrate, Haldi oil, and Haldi extract (curcumin). These extracts with their active compounds have been shown to help improve immune function, build immunity, enhance respiratory health by relieving from day-to-day cough, cold sore throat. On one hand, where Tulsi drops may help restore digestive health and improvise overall vitality, on the other hand, Haldi drops along with additional herbs- adrak, pippali, dalchini and stevia may help maintain skin and joint health making you healthy from inside out and Kali Mirch uplifts the results through its absorption. Therefore, these ingredients together make this Immune Combo a complete package for your complete immune care. Making it more easier 1-2 tulsi drops can be added in your morning and evening tea while you can use 10 drops/ 0.5 ml of haldi drops in the milk at night or the soups curries. Considering the health of consumers, Neuherbs Immune Combo- Wild Tulsi Drops Triple Haldi + Drops; has been made from added salt sugar, artificial colour flavour. It is tested for heavy metals, microbiologically lab tested for complete safety satisfaction of consumers. GoodnessofHerbalDrops.

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