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Neusafe Hand Sanitizer

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● Your Smart Hand Sanitizer​ – Kills 99.9% of germs with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

● On-The-Go Protection ​- Your cool travel partner that makes cleanliness super easy. Just take 1-2ml on palm, spread,and rub.

● Lemon Touch​ – Non-irritating classic lemon fragrance.

● Non-Sticky Formula​ – Effective sanitizer with a moisturizing and refreshing touch of Aloe-Vera & Glycerin.

● For Your Total Hygiene ​- For germ-free protection at workplaces, family outings, public transport.


Germs are everywhere! They can get onto our hands and items that are being touched by us while performing everyday activities and can make us sick. Cleaning hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer is one of the most important steps that we can take to avoid spreading of germs and getting sick. However, there are times when we don’t have access to or not enough time to wash thoroughly with soap and water, ‘During this period of germs attack, hand sanitizer serves as a suitable alternative.

To use Neusafe hand sanitizer effectively, place a small amount, the size of your thumbnail, on the palm of your hand and rub it over your entire hand, including your nailbeds.

Neusafe Hand sanitizer is available in a non-sticky semi-gel form that contains 70 % alcohol in order to kill the germs present on the skin. The alcohol present in the sanitizer works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses. Use of alcohol can cause dryness of skin, so to protect and keep the softness of your hands Neusafe hand sanitizer also contains Glycerin and Aloe Vera for the refreshing and moisturizing effects to minimize skin dryness and irritation.