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Neuherbs Triple Haldi + Drops- Power of ayurvedic herbs for Stronger Immunity


Inspired By Nature- ​Processed with 3 types of Natural Wild Haldi Blend- Your Pack of Wellness.
Power of Ayurvedic Herbs- ​Added Dalchini, Kali Mirch, Pippali, Adrak & Stevia for extra care.
Health Booster- ​Boost immunity, respiratory, bone & skin health to relieve from day to day illness.
Assurity of Purity- ​With no added salt, sugar, and microbiologically tested for consumers safety.
Boosted Results- ​To achieve your fitness goals easily, Neuherbs provides you free diet consultation.

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The modern use of turmeric in variable health benefits or healthy food preparations has been inspired from its traditional Ayurvedic herbal preparations since time immemorial for treating a number of general health issues. Due to its active compound Curcumin, it possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties which help in relieving a number of daily life health issues. Therefore, Neuherbs has come up with the nature’s best kept secret- Triple Haldi Drops, which is processed with 3 types of Wild Haldi- Haldi Concentrate, Haldi Oil and Haldi Extract (Curcumin) for the triple action of haldi in an convenient and easy way which is purely Ayurvedic. Along with the richness of Haldi, Neuherbs Triple Haldi Drops contains the goodness of Dalchini, Pippali & Adrak. These ingredients together with Haldi helps the body to enhance immune function, help relieve from seasonal cough & cold while enhancing respiratory functions, helps reduce inflammation and improve joint and bone health. Also, Haldi extract has been known to be a good companion for your skin health as it makes it glowing and supple, thus making you healthy inside out.
Not limited to this, to embrace the taste Neuherbs Triple Haldi is having Stevia for a soothing lighter sweet taste which perfectly combines with its natural aroma. Kali Mirch has also been added in it for your body’s utilization of turmeric’s full potency. For the consumers health, purity and safety have been assured by not adding sugar, salt, and artificial colour & flavour. It is microbiological & heavy metals tested as well. #TheHealingHaldi

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