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Neuherbs Triple Tulsi-Giloy Plus Tablets – with Vitamin C and Zinc for extra immune care

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● Triple Protection – Goodness of Triple Tulsi Extract & Giloy Extract to build your
immunity naturally.
● Extra Care – With added potent antioxidants – Vitamin C and Zinc for extra
immune care.
● Enhanced Absorption – Contains Piperine – the bioavailability enhancer for
increased absorption in body.
● Purity of Nature – Naturally gluten-free, sugar-free & preservatives-free to
maintain purity & safety.
● Boosted Results – Connect with Neuherbs experts for guidance to achieve your
fitness goals.


Tulsi and Giloy- some of the most known & important herbs of Ayurveda, which have been used in Indian Ayurvedic medical preparations since ancient times for their unique wellness properties. Whether root or stem, these are always beneficial for human health in a number of ways. With the fusion of these miraculous herbs, Neuherbs has come up with the Triple Tulsi-Giloy + tablets. Which is an amazing formulation combining triple tulsi extracts (Ram tulsi, Shyam tulsi, Van tulsi-1200mg) with giloy extracts (400mg) per serving. Together this fusion helps you build stronger immunity with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, help you with smooth digestion and provides relief by fighting with day-to-day seasonal infections and cold, cough, and maintaining respiratory health.
Not limited to this, Neuherbs Triple Tulsi-Giloy + tablets contain Piperine (Kali Mirch) for enhanced absorption, so that your efforts won’t go in vain & you will get the best results. Considering the purity and safety of consumers, Neuherbs Triple Tulsi-Giloy + tablets have been made naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, and preservative-free, which makes it a trustworthy product for your well-being.

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