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MyShake Slim Shake – Weight Loss Meal Replacement

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Weight Wellness

1 OR 2 Sachet (A DAY)


Active Ingredient
Vitamins & Minerals


High Fibre


High Protein


Green Coffee Extract

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Yes, you heard it right!
There’s an easy, convenient, delicious and portable solution that can fit your busy life. Say hello to Neuherbs Myshake Slim Shake – a calorie-controlled shake which keeps you feeling fuller for a longer duration, making your weight loss journey Simple, Smooth, And Oh-So-Tasty! Myshake Slim Shake offers a high amount of quick & slow-release protein blend, low carbs, high fiber, omega-3, and essential vitamins & minerals to enhance your efforts towards weight management and weight control. To take your slimming goals to the next level, this gluten-free formula is additionally fortified with Green Coffee Bean Extract, Fenugreek Fibers, and Chromium, so that you can enjoy your health journey. Neuherbs believe in providing you with a quality-driven & a healthy solution to achieve your health goals. With this motto, we believe in designing a product that makes your diet more nutritious while making it tasty and flavorsome so that you can relish your meals. This Myshake Slim Shake is a solution to your problem of being overweight, no time for exercise, no mood to follow a tasteless and crash diet. To lose weight that you want to, you need to control your cravings or reduce your calories.
By replacing one meal a day with this nutritious and filling MyShake slim shake, you can accelerate your weight loss towards the goals that you’ve been pushing and admiring for. Weight loss has never tasted this good! – This dessert-like tasty shake will never make you feel like you’re on a diet.

Low Calorie, full nutrition -70% less calorie than an average meal with essential vitamins & minerals.
High Protein –16.5g Protein with a blend of whey, casein & soy for sustained release of amino acids.
Feel satisfied for longer –Low in carbs & high in fiber to help you stay satisfied for longer.
Fortified Ingredients –Green Coffee Extract for weight loss & chromium for sugar levels management.
Chocolate Flavor –Satisfy your sweet tooth & tummy with this rich and creamy shake like a dessert!


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3 reviews for MyShake Slim Shake – Weight Loss Meal Replacement
  • anupam

    5 out of 5

    My weighing scale is showing a decrease in 10 days of consumption. It has a good satiety level, it keeps me full for 4 hrs. Its taste is good as compare to other meal replacement.

  • Neha Gaba

    5 out of 5

    Myshake slimshake has been one of my favorite weight loss methods. I have lost 7 kgs since the time I started using it. It tastes delicious and gives you complete calories for a day. You feel full and energetic throughout the day. You definitely must try it.

  • Anshu joshi

    5 out of 5

    What’s there not to like? Myshake slimshake is one of the best weight loss methods I have ever seen and it’s delicious too. I have tried it for the first time and already very happy with the results. I will recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight without compromising on nutrition.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A For managing weight, you need to have a perfect balance of calories consumed and burnt. You can either have it with milk or water as per your preferences and daily calorie intake and the target need to be achieved.

“One size cannot fit all”

This is especially true for the body weight. Everyone is so uniquely crafted by nature that a certain schedule needs to be blended in their lifestyle to make it work. Thus, our Products & Wellness Program are designed in consultation with our experts in a way so as to naturally fit in your lifestyle.


We focus on using good quality ingredients that are extracted from nature.


We believe in crafting products with innovation.


Our product is free from harmful Chemicals, Additives & Preservatives.

No Maths. Just Mix.
Add one serving of Myshake Slim Shake to 200 ml of water or skimmed milk and mix well in a blender or shaker before use. It can be used to replace one meal a day and can be used before a workout or post-workout or anytime in a day.

Skim Milk Powder
Natural Sweetener
Whey Protein Concentrate
Soy Protein Isolate
Sunflower Oil
Medium Chain Triglyceride
Caseinate, Flaxseed oil
Fenugreek Extract
Green Coffee Extract
Vitamins & Minerals premix
Gum Arabic (INS414)
Polydextrose (INS 1200)
Coloring agents

With our busy and hectic schedule, one of the first things that often suffers is the quality of food we eat.

Healthy eating often takes a back seat, and fast food gets chosen due to its easy access. Sometimes meals are even skipped which often leads to overeating at the next meal.

Eating takeout food or fast food solves the hunger problem; however, this will take a toll on one’s overall health.

Your schedule may be crazy. You may have a long to-do list, but what if we told you it’s actually possible to be both the busiest and the healthiest version of yourself?

It’s always easier said than done, but believe us the impact of this little change on your daily schedule and body is totally worth it.

Tasty and Healthy Together!! Who would’ve thought, right?


For the sustained release of protein throughout the day.


70% lesser calorie than your average meal.


Nutrition blast of 27 vitamins & minerals with health-promoting Omega -3.


To gear up your weight management goals with the power of Green Beans Extract.


Ready-to-go power meal for traveling

On-the-go power breakfast.

Guilt-free power snacking.

Workout power drink.