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Weight Loss Solution-A unique trio of ingredients to support healthy & easy weight management goals.
Metabolism Booster– ​Antioxidant support of Chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Extract and Inch Burn for the faster metabolism.
Naturally Manage Appetite– ​​HCA in Inch Burn & Garcinia Cambogia helps manage fat storage, suppresses hunger strikes & enhance satiety.
Enhanced Absorption– ​Addition of piperine (kali mirch) to efficiently enhance the absorption of nutrients.
Boosted Results– ​Connect with Neuherbs experts for guidance to achieve your  fitness goals.

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Maintaining a healthy weight has now become super easy with an excellent triple effective combination of Neuherbs Garcinia Cambogia, Inch Burn and Green Coffee Extract. For all those people who find it difficult to manage weight in their busy life cycle, this capsule formula offers you the possibility to make it convenient for you to lose weight easily in those busy times.
Where Garcinia Cambogia offers you the high potency of HCA (hydroxy citric acid- 65%), which is known to contribute to healthy weight loss or fat reduction from the body by boosting the fat-burning process and help reduce unhealthy food cravings by suppressing appetite. On the other hand, the high antioxidant power of chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Extract helps boost metabolism and makes you more energetic.
And to give your weight management an extra boost, Inch Burn is here with the unique formulation having- green coffee extract (with the benefits of chlorogenic acid), garcinia cambogia (with high fat storage management in the body), green tea extract (for effective polyphenols or antioxidant activity), L-theanine (your stress buster) and chromium picolinate (your blood sugar manager) making it a complete pack for an effective and result oriented weight management.
Not only this, but this combo also contains 95% of piperine extract which is an efficient bioavailability enhancer that increases the absorption of the nutrients in the body. So, your efforts on weight loss won’t go in vain and you will get effective results.
Considering the safety of our customers, Neuherbs products have been prepared under quality control parameters with hygiene and good manufacturing practices. This ultimately offers you a quality product that is natural, allergen-free, and healthy too with purity and safety. Neuherbs helps you in every step of your weight management journey by providing you with the complete guidance of diet according to your body’s statistics and daily physical activities to help you achieve your target.

“One size cannot fit all”

This is especially true for the body weight. Everyone is so uniquely crafted by nature that a certain schedule needs to be blended in their lifestyle to make it work. Thus, our Products & Wellness Program are designed in consultation with our experts in a way so as to naturally fit in your lifestyle.


We focus on using good quality ingredients that are extracted from nature.


We believe in crafting products with innovation.


Our product is free from harmful Chemicals, Additives & Preservatives.

What’s WeCare all about?

Body image Is low self-esteem due to overweight Confused about diet Nutrition products that don’t fit. There can be so many problems one individual may be battling within his/her journey to self-care and self-improvement.

We don’t want you to feel alone and lost in this journey. We wish from our heart that you truly enjoy this process of physical and mental transformation. We want you to love yourself even before that transformation.

Because We really Care that you do.

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We are not only your health guides but also your support group, your nutritionists, your supplement expert, your exercise pal. Consider us your ultimate health buddies. We provide extensive health counseling that guides you at every milestone of your success.


We consider your transformation as our passion. As a result, we are not here to sell you just any product. We help you select the specific product suitable to your body and your health.


we have said before, we don’t ever want you to feel lonely or overwhelmed with changed lifestyle or diets. Through We Care, we ensure that diet charts go through a tough critique process where experts argue and debate over possibilities and curate the best diet plans for you. Feel free to have a one-on-one call with our experts over the phone or fix a personal appointment.

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4 reviews for Fat Burner
  • Anita sharma

    5 out of 5

    Two weightloss products combined to a lower price. Perfect deal

  • Aisha

    5 out of 5

    They have an amazing counselling. Losed 3 kgs in 15 days. Thank you.

  • Manisha Jindal

    4 out of 5

    You must order this combo again. it’s cost effective and highly effective in weight loss. I recommend it.

  • Varsha Trapathi

    5 out of 5

    Wonderful combo. Super pocket friendly and amazing for health. Highly recommended.

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Inch Burn : One – Two Capsule daily or as directed by the Healthcare Professional.